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Cooling Towers: Should You Invest in Water Filtration Systems?

Cooling towers are used in industrial applications that require the dissipation of heat from circulating water to cool equipment such as air conditioners, coolers, and chillers. By design, cooling towers utilize a lot of water during operation. The water used in these systems is bound to have dirt other solid contaminants that can significantly affect the functioning of the cooling tower if they accumulate. It is essential to filter the water before it is fed into the cooling tower. Read More 

Land Sub-Division: 3 Common Questions

Land sub-division is an integral aspect of development. Sub-division allows land owners to alter their land-use activities in a bid to maximize the productivity of a given lot. As a student of development administration, you're likely to come across a question (or two) about land sub-division in your continuous assessment tests or in your final examinations. Here are answers to three questions on the mentioned topic. Why The Need To Regulate Land Sub-Divisions? Read More 

Common Bricklaying and Masonry Mistakes to Avoid

If you need bricklaying done around your house, you might do well to call a contractor, as this job is typically more difficult and involved than most homeowners realize. However, if you are going to try to tackle this job on your own, note a few common bricklaying and masonry mistakes to avoid and problems you might run into, so you know how to do the job right. 1. Matching the mortar Read More 

Economic and Social Benefits of Private Building Certification

Many building owners often overlook the importance of employing the services of a private certifier once all construction work is complete. Private building certifiers are construction-industry experts that specialize in assessing of construction works to ascertain whether or not they meet acceptable standards. One of the services that a private certifier can offer you is green building certification. This type of certification is proof that a building is performing at peak as regards to achieving specific environmental goals. Read More 

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