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Design Ideas for Your Kitchen

While the details of a kitchen design are important, it can be helpful to take a broad-brush approach and think in terms of the big picture. Here are two ideas for finishing the walls and choosing the basic colours.

Kitchen Wallpaper

One way to give your kitchen an unusual look is to use wallpaper. These coverings come in a wide range of designs. You can choose a nature-inspired foliage print or a bronze and cream geometric pattern. Wallpaper can also mimic red brickwork and timber. Alternatively, choose an elegant baroque print.

You can select wallpaper to produce a sense of depth in the kitchen, such as a design with a dark background offset with a lighter pattern. The dark backdrop will appear to recede, and the light colours will seem closer. A textured finish also creates a dimensional aspect.

Wallpaper is ideal if you want a living room vibe in the kitchen. You can put wallpaper on an accent wall that is fitted with a bench seat and cushions for a homey look. A wallpaper print can also inspire the entire kitchen's colour scheme. You can repeat a couple of hues on other surfaces in the room. To ensure that you can wipe the wall, choose a moisture-proof material, such as vinyl, that is suitable for the kitchen.

Room Colour Palette

It's very challenging to choose the room's colour palette during the design process. You can approach this by limiting the main colours to three to simplify things. Choose a neutral that takes up most of the surfaces—about 50 to 70%, for instance. You can complement this with a bolder hue for the majority of the remaining area and add an accent colour in small doses. It's easier to consider specific colour choices with this kind of structured approach.

If you want a moody kitchen, for instance, you could install matte black cabinetry that stretches from floor to ceiling on one wall and fits under the benchtop on another. The rest of the room could consist of a white ceiling and benchtop area, finished with tan timber flooring and a similarly toned splashback. With minimal colour in clearly designated areas, the kitchen will look clean and tranquil.

You can take a similar course for lighter custom kitchens. Use white for the walls and cabinets, a mid-tone brown for a timber floor, and stools with orange seats as an accent. If you want a more minimal effect, reduce the colours to two neutrals. Another option is to use calming shades that are reminiscent of the sea and the bush, such as sage green, sky blue, and beige, as neutral shades.

For more help designing a custom kitchen, contact a local contractor.

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