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Cooling Towers: Should You Invest in Water Filtration Systems?

Cooling towers are used in industrial applications that require the dissipation of heat from circulating water to cool equipment such as air conditioners, coolers, and chillers. By design, cooling towers utilize a lot of water during operation. The water used in these systems is bound to have dirt other solid contaminants that can significantly affect the functioning of the cooling tower if they accumulate. It is essential to filter the water before it is fed into the cooling tower.

Investing in a filtration system may seem like an unnecessary cost. However, there are several benefits that your industry will derive from the use of filtered water in the cooling tower. They include:

Improved system efficiency

There are several ways in which the presence of solid contaminants in water can reduce the effectiveness of your cooling tower, and even result in more energy consumption.

•    Accumulation of solid particles can increase the fouling factor. The fouling factor refers to the resistance to heat flow in the cooling tower components due to the build-up of a layer of dirt. The system will require more power to heat the water, hence, increased energy consumption.

•    Solid particles can clog nozzle orifices causing poor distribution of water. If they aren't cleaned, the water will not be able to cool the components efficiently, and this could result in overheating and failure.

Water filtration systems get rid of solid contaminants as the water flows into the cooling tower. With proper distribution of water and adequate heating, the system's efficiency is improved.

Reduced chemical treatment costs

The water used in cooling towers should be treated to get rid of bacteria and chemical contaminants in the water. When solid particles are present in the water, they provide a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria and algae. They can also accelerate corrosion of the metallic components of the cooling tower. Increased bacteria in the water will lead to increased treatment requirements, and this could translate in more expenses. By filtering the water, you can eliminate the additional cost of water treatment. Also, corrosion is controlled, and this increased the life of the cooling tower components.

Reduced maintenance costs

Like most industrial systems and equipment, cooling towers require regular maintenance. In this case, maintenance partly involves manually cleaning the cold water basin to get rid of contaminants. When water is filtered, it means that the water basin won't require cleaning as often as it did when using unfiltered water. With reduced maintenance requirements comes savings and reduced system downtime.

Investing in a water filtration system for your cooling tower is a suitable solution for improved efficiency, savings in energy, water, and labor requirements, and minimized maintenance. This can significantly improve the performance of equipment that relies on the cooling tower for optimal performance.

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