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Economic and Social Benefits of Private Building Certification

Many building owners often overlook the importance of employing the services of a private certifier once all construction work is complete. Private building certifiers are construction-industry experts that specialize in assessing of construction works to ascertain whether or not they meet acceptable standards. One of the services that a private certifier can offer you is green building certification. This type of certification is proof that a building is performing at peak as regards to achieving specific environmental goals.

Aside from ensuring that your new structure is environmentally high-performing, some people might ask if there any other benefits that can be derived from green building certification. Read on to find out.

Economic front

Government agents are increasingly drafting laws and policies that are tailored to encourage people to build eco structures. For instance, some states and localities usually offer incentives such as tax breaks for new property owners who construct buildings that are considered to be environmentally friendly.

On the flip side, some of the building code regulations set by the relevant authorities may be meant to promote environmental sustainability. Unless you allow a private building certifier to inspect your building, you might never know for sure whether or not these requirements were fulfilled during the construction process until you land into trouble with the law. In order to avoid any fines and penalties that may be imposed due to non-compliance, you should let a private certifier inspect the building.

What is more, green building certifications will increase your building's market value and therefore make it easier to rent, lease or sell the property. These certifications may also prove that your building has been erected using high-performing energy-rated products such as insulated metal panels, indicating that you will enjoy energy savings in the long term.

Social front

As a building owner, you will feel proud knowing that your building provides a healthier and more comfortable work and living space for its occupants. A building with sufficient ventilation will ensure that indoor air quality is good. Likewise, a building that has been properly insulated will give you temperature control within the building by reducing heat transfer thus making it easier to create a comfortable indoor environment.

Green building certifications can be used to make others aware of your accomplishments. This will help you link up with other like-minded individuals who you can work with to achieve greater successes. Having green building certification can even motivate others to build eco buildings as well!

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