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Stone Tile Buying Guide

Natural stone is a favourite building material, and with good reason. Tiles made of natural stone can be used for a variety of applications around the house. Stone tiles are made of different materials with different characteristics that make them suitable for different applications. It may therefore be difficult for prospective homeowners to choose between the various types of natural stone tiles available in the market. The information provided herein is of great benefit to prospective homeowners faced with this decision.

Onyx Stone Tiles

Onyx is a type of layered stone mined from caves. The term onyx is often used to refer to items that have a jet-black appearance. In sharp contrast however, onyx is a white stone. Stone tiles made from this material are distinct thanks to their translucent nature.

Onyx stone tiles are great for aesthetics. When polished, these tiles give off an attractive high gloss. They are commonly used on vanity tops, as shower tiles, and for surrounding of bath-tub areas. On the down side however, onyx tiles are relatively fragile which makes them more prone to scratches as compared to other stone tiles.  

Granite Stone Tiles

Granite is among the toughest natural stones available. As such, the durability of granite stone tiles is unmatched when compared to that of tiles made of other types of stone. Granite stone tiles are also known for their high aesthetic value. These tiles often have bits of minerals incorporated into them, which may create an aesthetically pleasing network of veins on the tile surface.

Granite stone tiles are suitable for use around fireplaces, on kitchen countertops and even on hallways. If well cared for, granite stone tiles will maintain their luster for a long time. Homeowners who settle for granite tiles should prevent damage to tile surfaces by avoiding the use of ammonia-based cleaning solutions.

Slate Stone Tiles

Slate stone tiles are perhaps the most commonly used in the residential setting. Slate is a stone derived from the clay found in ancient sea beds. Slate tiles are known for their characteristic cleft pattern and matte surface, both of which make for great aesthetics.

The durability of slate tiles largely depends on their density. The higher the density, the lower the chances that the tiles will flake and fall apart. Unfortunately, prospective homeowners will have to dig deeper into their pockets for higher-density slate tiles.

Slate stone tiles are commonly used for flooring and on kitchen countertops. Contact a local professional, such as Dobson's Monumental Works Pty Ltd for more information. 


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