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Advantages of Solid Timber Doors Over Hollow Timber Doors

A solid timber door refers to a door that is entirely made from a single type of wood. Such a door has no space within it. This is in contrast to a hollow timber door; this door may be made from different kinds of materials and only the surface layer is wood. Solid timber doors have several advantages over hollow wood doors. This article discusses some of them.

Better Sound Attenuation

Solid timber doors are better than hollow timber doors when you compare their sound-muting abilities. Solid timber dulls sound because the sound waves cannot easily travel through it. This allows you to have more privacy within your home since any sound from inside (such as music) will hardly be heard outside so you will not be the subject of complaints from neighbors.

Better Security

Solid wood doors provide better security if they are used as external doors. This is because their solid construction makes them very difficult to be broken down by burglars. Hollow timber doors on the other hand are easier to break through because there is a thin layer of wood on their surface. Additionally, fire will not easily burn through a solid timber door when compared with how quickly the same fire will consume a hollow timber door. The hollow core of the hollow timber door may contain air that will feed oxygen to the fire and make it spread much faster.

Ease of Refinishing

You can easily re-sand or refinish a solid timber door if you wish because it is a uniform material (oak, for example) from one side to the other side. You therefore have no worries that once you sand it several times then you will lose its decorative layer. Hollow timber doors can only be refinished or re-sanded a limited number of times.

This is because the surface layer may be depleted by the different sessions of sanding. That means that the hollow timber door can easily reach a point when you just have to remove it and discard it if the finishing wears off and it is no longer possible to refinish or sand it.

Solid timber doors may be more expensive than hollow timber doors but that added cost will be more than justified by the durability and functionality of solid timber doors. Any money spent on such doors should therefore be viewed as money well spent since that door will look beautiful for a very long time as long as it is well maintained.

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