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Spring Cleaning: 3 Easy Steps to Create an Organised Garage

While garages are primarily meant for car parking, it's ironic that most homeowners still don't have any space to actually park their cars. That's because people hold on to a lot of unnecessary junk and end up using their garages as dumping grounds. If you're ready to organise your garage, spring is a pretty good time—before the summer heat sets in and it's just too hot to care. Here are some easy tips to tidy up and create a super organised garage so that you can actually park your car in it.


Before doing any organising, your first step is to declutter all the items in your garage. Go through every single item and place it into these categories: donate, keep, sell, rubbish.

Here's a quick tip for determining whether you need to keep something or let it go: if you haven't used it in the past year, chances are you can throw it out, donate or sell it.

Don't store 'I'll use them someday' items, because you'll never use them. If you've decided to toss out some items, try to recycle them if possible. Pack the donated items and give them to your nearest charity. Plan a yard sale immediately to get rid of items you are planning on selling.


Now you're left with just the essential items that most likely will already be cut in half—it's time to begin organising. Keep frequently used items like shopping bags and outdoor jackets on easy-to-reach hooks. Use the two rear garage corners to store heavy items like lawn mowers and bookshelves. Place sporting equipment like tennis rackets, footballs, gloves, cricket bats and other sporting gear on open shelves along. Shovels, rakes and cycles should be hung on the wall with special hooks to clear your floor space.

Create special zones for items like gardening, sports and auto equipment so you know exactly where to look when you need something. For storage, try using plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes that easily attract mice and other rodents. Plastic bins are much harder to cut through, so rodents are unlikely to stay for long. By uncluttering the floor as much as possible, you'll free up space to park your cars in your garages.


Now that you've freed up your floor space nicely, your garage will look almost as good as new once you hose down and sweep your floors to remove the existing layer of dirt. Continue to keep your floor as clutter-free as possible to regularly clean your garage. Undertake pest control a few times a year to ensure that you keep the rodents and insects away.

Garages should ideally be cleaned annually by following these steps to ensure that you get rid of pointless junk. If you need more tips or assistance, you can contact companies like Topline Garages & Sheds.

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