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Ideas For Minimising Air Conditioning Usage

During the hot summer months, many homeowners have little choice but to use their air conditioning system to keep cool. Having a stiflingly hot property can make all the occupants sluggish, and it can be difficult to do any meaningful work in such homes. However, using the air conditioning for long periods every day will soon take its toll on your bank account. This article explores some practical ways that you can reduce the need for the air conditioning to be on so often.

Improve The Shading Of The Property

A large amount of the heat that is built up inside of a property during the day comes directly from the rays of the sun. It is possible to block these rays by having strategically placed trees around the property. Homeowners who invest in a few fifteen to twenty foot trees to be planted around their yard will get that investment back through lower electricity bills. 

Use Your Basement

Many people don't think of using their basement as a cool refuge during the hot period of the day. It is possible to keep cool by taking a futon or chairs, a television and some cold drinks down to the basement.  Most people have a basement in their homes, but many don't think to use them to cool down. If you do try this, don't open the basement windows if it is humid outside –  as condensation will appear on the walls of the basement, and this will ultimately increase the humidity of the entire property.

Avoid Heat-creating Activities

Don't cook or bake during the day; save these activities for the evening when it is cooler. Heat emanating from the oven or stove can increase the heat inside the property, and this effect is exaggerated on a hot day. Using the shower during the day will have the same effect on the property. Leaving these types of activities until evening will keep the air conditioning from coming on when it detects the warm air you have produced.

Update The System

New and modern air conditioning systems will use around half of the energy compared to systems that are even a few years old. Advances in 'green' technology means that a new system can cool a property like an older system but without running as often. This means that a new system will be operating less than an older system but will still produce the same cooling results. This saves money. For more information, contact a business such as Coolrite Air Conditioning Pty Ltd.


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