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Secluded Windows | 4 Easy Steps To Install Frosted Window Privacy Films

A frosted window privacy film is an excellent choice for protecting your home from the harsh rays of the run, while giving your room enhanced aesthetic appeal and much-needed privacy. Window frosting installation can either be done on your own or through a professional installer. If you've decided to undertake the job on your own, follow these easy steps for installing a frosted window privacy film.

Set Up The Materials

You'll need a cutting knife for trimming and cutting the film. A razor blade comes in handy for removing all pieces of tape from the film and window. You'll need a rubber squeegee to remove liquid solution from the windows. You'll also need mild baby shampoo for the mounting solution.

Prepare Mounting Solution

To begin with, mix some baby shampoo in water. If the water quality is poor in your area, use distilled water. Baby shampoo acts as a lubricant for placing a window privacy film during installation and blocks it from gluing to itself. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle for easier use. The mounting solution is used at various stages of the window frosting installation.

Prepare Glass

Glass must always be properly cleaned to ensure that the frosted window privacy film sits well on it. Remove all stickers, tape, paint and stains by gently scraping with a razor blade. Wet the glass slightly with the mounting solution to reduce the chance of scratches while scraping. Once the glass is free of debris, use the razor blade once again to remove leftover residue. You may want to use a new razor blade during each scraping process to reduce the possibility of scratches occurring. Spray the glass once more with the mounting solution and use the rubber squeegee to free the glass of water.

Preparing And Installing The Window Privacy Film

Measure the width and height of the glass surface. Carefully remove the film and use the cutting knife to trim the film according to the specifications of your window size. Once you have cut the window film to fit your window, you can remove the protective liner from behind the film. Place it in the top left hand corner of the window and start peeling to expose the adhesive to the window glass.

Saturate the glass surface with the mounting solution before placing the film – this enables easy placement of the film on the glass surface. If the area is dry, it grabs onto the window surface and doesn't allow proper positioning. Once you are completely satisfied with the window privacy film, use the squeegee to squeeze out the extra solution. Spray the film surface with the mounting solution once again and use the squeegee to remove the solution.

A window privacy film is ideal if you're looking for some seclusion and protection from the harsh rays of the sun. It can make a huge difference to the way you use your room. For more information, contact a company like Solchek Pty Ltd.

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